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Hi, I'm Teresa


I'm a Seasonal Yoga teacher with classes in Ealing and Northfields, West London. I have two grown up children, a beautiful grand-daughter and a cute Cavapoo dog.   I am passionate about improving and maintaining the maximum flexibility and strength available to each of us no matter what our age or fitness history.  I am also passionate about the wonderful community of Ealing and delighted to have the opportunity to share my seasonal yoga experience with you.  I have lived here all my life and am very grateful for all the beautiful parks and open spaces available to us.


So many people tell me they are too stiff to do yoga but this is simply not true.  Yoga is not about bending yourself into uncomfortable shapes it is about being comfortable with the shapes your body is able to make.  My mother who is almost 90 enjoys my chair yoga classes - if she can do it so can you!  My Beginner class will help you improve your flexibility at a pace that is right for you without any rush or competition.  We leave our friend Ego at the door.​


I have been practicing yoga for over 40 years but I only discovered Seasonal Yoga in 2018 and this was purely by chance whilst on holiday in Cornwall.   The concept that our internal energy levels are aligned with the natural ebb and flow of nature really resonated with me;  the seasonal aspect is the link that ties everything together. In our busy 24/7 lives it is easy to miss the subtle changes in nature and we can push ourselves to burnout point during times when we would be better to rest and relax more.  Seasonal yoga will give you a new focus on your energy levels and will enhance your health, happiness and well-being helping you to live in your element whatever the season.  


I encourage and welcome you to come to class to have fun and experience something new from within rather than 'learn' something new.


​I look forward to meeting you on the mat soon!

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