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Spring 21 March - 20 May


If we have wintered well we will emerge from our hibernation rested and rejuvenated, ready to spring into action!  However, bear in mind that spring can be chaotic and changeable and we will all emerge at different times over the course of the next 3 months.  The climate fluctuates considerably from day to day so structure your diet and exercise accordingly.


Traditionally Spring is the time for spring cleaning and in Seasonal Yoga this means not only de-cluttering our homes but physically detoxing by lightening our diet and beginning to exercise more.  Days are lengthening and the temperature is beginning to rise.  We see all around us that natures’ energy is rising, trees are blossoming, flowers are beginning to bloom; there is new growth and nature is preparing for the intensity of summer.  This is a great time of year for us to set new goals and challenges for the year ahead and to detox our mental health letting go of anything that no longer serves us.  Be mindful of toxins that are being consumed through senses other than diet such as the eyes or the ears in the form of social media or television/radio.


The Spring organs of the liver and the gallbladder are two of the smallest organs in the body but they have the biggest meridian lines (energy pathways) running from the top of the head to the toes along the sides of the body (gallbladder) and up the insides of the legs through the torso to the chest (the liver meridian).  The Spring yoga postures focus on stretching out and unblocking these meridians after the stagnation of winter.


The liver and the gallbladder are said to be the most congested organs in the Western body due to the high fat, high sugar & highly processed diet.  The most important function of the liver is detoxification of the blood and it runs over 500 chemical processes every night in order to do this!  For optimal performance it requires us to be lying down at rest and not running any other processes (such as digestion) at the same time.  The gallbladder stores and concentrates the bile produced by the liver to help digest fats; it can become imbalanced by poor diet and lack of exercise.


When the energy of the liver flows smoothly and is balanced you will feel calm, creative, organised. However, when it is out of balance, you may feel anger, frustration and irritable.

Begin to lighten your diet on warmer days.  Eat a wide variety of seasonal fruit and vegetables with lighter cooking methods such as steaming or stir-frying.

The essential oil of the season is Grapefruit.

The colour of the season is green.


Mental / emotional focus:

  • Keep life flexible, free and active – don’t be too wooden

  • Choose activities that motivate you

  • Watch or read things that make you laugh


Recommendations for Spring:

  • Begin the day with a brisk walk

  • Cleanse and detox your life, home, emotions

  • Face anger head on, work out the root of it

  • Set 3 goals, things that will enhance your life

  • Be kind to someone every day

  • Rest your eyes every day

  • Meditate



  • Additives and processed food

  • Bad quality fats & excessive alcohol

  • Eating late at night

  • Being over-loaded

  • Being controlling

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