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Summer 21 June - 20 August


Summer is the Fire element and the time of maximum growth and potential; a time when our energy is at its peak and we feel enthusiastic and want to socialise and have fun.  Communication is very important at this time of year as is setting boundaries and choosing to say 'no' occasionally.


The primary organs of the season are the Heart and the Small Intestine which work together to produce and pump nourishing blood to all the cells of the body.  The heart circulates the blood and the small intestine absorbs and circulates the nutrients from our food to the organs of the body.   


The heart governs the blood and blood vessels and our emotional reactions.  Consider how different people process in-coming sensory and intuitive information and react to it.  For example, a delayed flight might be considered a terrible inconvenience, annoyance and frustration to one person but another may view it as simply an opportunity to relax with a coffee and a book whilst they wait.  There are many situations in which we could choose our reaction with greater care and awareness , choosing positivity rather than negativity; understanding rather than frustration, gratefulness for what we do have rather than discontent at what we don’t.


The small intestine curls around in the inner part of  the abdomen.  Its length varies greatly depending on your height  with the average length being around 5.5 meters.  It is called the 'small' intestine because it is narrower in diameter than the large intestine.  Its main function is the absorption of nutrients  from the food we eat.


The heart meridian or energy pathway runs from the centre of the armpit down the inner arm to the little finger.  The small intestine meridian runs from the little finger up the back of the arm into the centre of the shoulder blade, up through the neck to the front of the ear.


Our yoga postures at this time of year aim to re-establish rhythm using the breath and holding postures to build heat.  Our focus is on balance, placement and alignment of the shoulder blades, arms and wrists. Yogic breathing supports the heart function and nourishes the brain.


If your fire element is balanced you will feel full of energy & happy with life.  If there is an  imbalance you will feel restless, tired & indecisive.  


Eat little and often; it is kinder to the small intestine.  Cook with a high flame, short time, boil or steam food or eat raw food.  Enjoy salads, fish and locally grown fruit and vegetables,  Avoid excess salt and coffee.


The essential oil of the season is Rose.


The colour of the season is red.


Mental / emotional focus

  • Include things in your life you feel passionate about or inspired by

  • Develop insight and understanding

  • Meditate and practice mindfulness


Recommendations for summer:

  • Temper your desire to say 'yes' with the occasional 'no'

  • Socialise

  • Have fun

  • Practice discernment.  Question - is it necessary or important?



  • Overdoing it / burnout

  • Extremes

  • Becoming obsessed with appearance

  • Red meat, spices and refined sugar

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