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Late Summer 21 August - 20 October

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Late summer is the Earth element and it is another important transitional season; from the yang / active phases of Spring and Summer to the Yin / passive phases of autumn and winter.  There is a natural slowing down and re-centreing after the intensity of the summer.   It is a time to reflect on what has been achieved, to reap the harvest and feel satisfied with all that we have accomplished during the active phase.  We should concentrate on building our self-worth, on nourishing and caring for ourselves.


The organs of the season are the Stomach, Spleen and Pancreas.  The stomach's main function is not only to digest the food we eat but also to processes our emotional states and mental information.  The highly acidic gastric juice of the stomach allows enzymes to break down proteins.  The pancreas is the deepest organ in the body and is said to reflect the deepest feelings we have about ourselves.  It's main function is to produce the digestive enzymes to aid the digestive process and to produce the hormones that aid the balance of our blood sugar levels.  The spleen supports our immune system by removing bacteria and waste products; it is the largest lymphoid organ and the only one responsible for filtering the blood.


The meridian for the stomach runs from under the eye down to the corners of the mouth, up to the temple, down through the jaw and throat, down the front of the torso, down the outer legs and through the front of the ankle to the second toes.  The meridian for the Spleen/Pancreas runs from the inside of the big toes up the inner legs and through the torso to the end of the 11th rib ending under the armpit.


Our yoga postures focus on being centred and grounded with stability in the legs, opening the solar plexus area in postures such as bow pose or warrior one.  Emphasis is on the rising and lowering movements as well as twists and rotations to get the lymph system moving.


If your earth element is balanced you will feel satisfied, confident, supportive, empathetic and self assured but in imbalance you will feel worry, lack of self-esteem, cynicism & disapproving.


Eat yellow foods that nurture and nourish your stomach and spleen; stewed fruit, bananas, butternut squash, peaches, apricots. Ideal cooking methods are stewing, stir frying and boiling.  Avoid excess sugar (as it makes the bones ache) and drinking too  much liquid with meals (as it dilutes the acidity in the stomach juices).


The essential oil of the season is Frankincense and Myrrh.


The colour of the season is orange / yellow.


Mental/emotional focus

  • Learn to nourish yourself on all levels

  • Ask yourself 'are my thoughts supporting me'

  • Include activities that boost self-confidence and self-esteem


Recommendations for Late Summer:

  • Make life more simple and harmonious

  • Guard the quality of your thoughts

  • Look after your stomach by not eating too quickly, too much or on the run

  • Try to build a high sense of self-esteem

  • Are you getting the support you need from those around you?



  • Over-eating

  • Over thinking

  • Too much sugar

  • Putting yourself down

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