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Early Summer 21 May - 20 June


Early Summer is the element of Space or Ether.  It is a short but important transitional season helping us navigate from the planning and organising of Spring to warming the body preparing it for summer.   It is a time of connection, the atmosphere connecting all that is living within it.  It is the secondary fire phase and awareness of the full summer element of maximum potential helps us balance the fire energy and regulate any extremes within us.


The organs of early summer are the Pericardium and the Triple Heater.  The Pericardium is the tough fibrous sac of connective tissue that surrounds and protects the heart supporting it and holding it in place.   The triple heater circulates energy through the fascia and connective tissue.  The Triple heater is directly linked to the Hypothalamus, the body's thermostat and instigator of the fight or flight response.  It regulates the heat evenly in the body when calm, causes the heat to rise into the head and neck if we are angry (we go red in the face) and if we are fearful it sends the heat down to the legs (hence the colour is drained from the face).  


Our early summer focus is on connective tissue which is made up of two proteins, collagen providing strength and rigidity, and elastin providing stretch and flexibility.  It is a living web of tissue that wraps around the entire body seamlessly, separating and connecting everything within us.  It transports information, energy nutrients and metabolic products between bloodstream and tissues. It surrounds the muscles, organs, ligaments and tendons protecting them in times of trauma or stress by freezing to avoid injury however  this can result in the tissues tightening and if left unnoticed,  can cause a stiffening and hardening of the tissue which may block the flow of energy and the communication to cells. 


It is important to keep the connective tissue hydrated and moving.   Flow yoga is particularly good for hydration and movement  and Yin yoga postures, which are held for longer periods of time (3-5 mins),  are very beneficial for stretching out and releasing any built up toxins.


The meridian line for the Pericardium runs from the 4th intercostal to the nipple and then down the centre of  the inside of the arm to the tip of the middle finger.  There is an important pressure point in the centre of the palm; when we shake hands we exchange energy via this pressure point.


The meridian line for the Triple Heater runs from the back of the ring finger up the back of the arm to the top of the shoulder; then along the top of the shoulder blade up the neck close behind and around the ear to the end of the eyebrow.  We often rub up and down the outer side of the arms to create heat when we feel chilly thereby activating the Triple Heater meridian.


Our yoga practice at this time of year focuses on opening the heart centre,  igniting the fire, stretching the fascia, warming the connective tissues and circulating energy.


If your Space element is balanced you will feel calm and joyful, open and emotionally stable however if the energy meridians are blocked you may have poor circulation, feel over protective, vulnerable, excessive, making light of things but feeling deeply.


Eat a balance of hot and cold foods and keep your diet fresh & seasonal with light cooking.  Make sure you are hydrated.  If you are dehydrated there is not an adequate flow of blood reaching your fascia and you are more at risk of tearing or rupturing something.


The essential oil of the season is Frankincense.


The colour of the season is red or pink.


Mental/emotional focus:

  • Forgive past grievances

  • Forgive yourself

  • Learn from past experiences and move on


Recommendations for Early Summer:

  • Work on your flexibility 

  • Release tension

  • Cultivate positive emotional state

  • Connect with others

  • Look after your skin - it is the largest area of connective tissue

  • Stay hydrated

  • Try dry body brushing 



  • Emotional tension, stress and lack of sleep

  • Acting too quickly

  • Becoming isolated

  • Becoming obsessed 

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