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Seasonal yoga will teach you how to live life ‘in your element’ by aligning your lifestyle with nature.  In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), each season has a pair of organs, one yin (supporting) and one yang (major/active).  The yin organ produces, transforms, stores and regulates fundamental substances such as energy, blood and body fluids; the yang organs actively digest and transmit nutrients.  Each organ has a time of day when it is most active:


SPRING                     21 March – 20 May

Wood Element:        Rising, planning, decision making energy

Organs:                      Liver (yin) & Gall Bladder (yang)


EARLY SUMMER      21 May – 20 June

Ether Element:        Upwards, connecting energy      

Organs:                     Pericardium (yin) & Triple Heater (yang)


SUMMER                  21 June – 20 August

Fire Element            Dispersing vibrant, active energy

Organs                      Heart (yin) & Small Intestine (yang)


LATE SUMMER       21 August – 20 October

Earth Element:       Centering, stable energy

Organs:                    Spleen (yin) & Stomach (yang)


AUTUMN                  21 October – 20 December

Metal Element:       Withdrawing, consolidating energy

Organs:                     Lungs (yin) & Large Intestine (yang)


WINTER                    21 December – 20 March

Water Element        Sinking, conserving energy

Organs                      Kidney (yin) & Bladder (yang)

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