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Winter 21 December - 20 March


Winter is the element of Water, the season for containment, concentration, meditation and storing of energy.  Natures' energy is sinking and resting.  We should use this season wisely, to get as much rest as possible, to top up our energy reserves by going to bed early and sleeping later.  Water can be very powerful finding its way through and around obstacles but it can also be contained taking the shape of whatever contains it.  At this time of year we also work on our ability to listen by being still and sensing where balances and imbalances exist both internally and externally.  


The Kidneys and the Bladder are the organs of Winter.   Their main function is to filter blood and produce urine and they ensure that the water content in the body stays constant.  They balance the body fluid and regulate the blood volume.  The bladder is responsible for both the storage and the release of urine.  When empty it can be as small as a plum, when full it is about the size of a large grapefruit.  


The kidney meridian runs from the sole of the foot, up the inner leg through the middle of the chest, ending in the collarbone. The bladder meridian runs from the back of the head, down the sides of the spine, the backs of the legs and ends on the outside of the foot. 


Our yoga practice focuses on  backbends and forward folds to unblock and release these meridians; slow flowing sequences such as lunar salutations with postures staying close to the ground.


If your water element is in balance you will feel secure, composed, introspective and motivated but if imbalanced you will feel apprehensive, fearful and anxious.


Our winter diet should be warming casseroles, soups and stews.  Slow cooking is also a great cooking method for winter; be sure to include a wide variety of seasonal foods to build your energy reserves, especially dark leafy vegetables.


The essential oil of the season is Juniper berry, Jasmine and Sandalwood.


The colour of the season is blue/black.


Mental/emotional focus:

  • Rest and re-charge

  • Resolve past issues

  • Reflect on new directions to enhance your life


Recommendations for winter:

  • Go to a spa or retreat

  • Meditate

  • Get plenty of rest

  • Find time to relax during the day

  • Keep your kidneys warm



  • Becoming over-tired

  • Too many changes

  • Procrastinating

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